bearing support

3D laser scanning solutions for reverse engineering of obsolete components and inspection. Using a FARO Platinum Arm fitted with an additional non contact laser line probe, OEL engineers are able to digitally capture complex free-form components.

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Unexpected breakdowns and irreversible rotating equipment damage can be avoided. OEL Group offer Integrated Reliability and Machine Support packages, which allow you to be proactive and in control of your maintenance program.

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Using specialist bearing performance prediction software, our engineers can perform comprehensive evaluations of both new and existing bearing designs, allowing us to assist with bearing failure analysis and general troubleshooting.

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field services

OEL Group have three service centres, serving five continents, allowing us to provide expert field service anywhere in the world. Our experienced field engineers offer on-site consultancy, alignment, monitoring and where possible, bearing repair.


Our dedicated staff are available 24/7 to assist with clients order progress, design queries and bearing identification and analysis. Our team of skilled engineers and designers can help to react to problems and take preventative measures before problems arise.